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I figured I'd just start a new journal of funny moments that will occur in jazz band here at my community college..I'll write a new journal when I transfer to a new school in two years. XD

1. Carrie: "So, when the saxophones play the ghost notes-" Dave (Band director): "You mean grace notes?" (First year)
2. Dave pretending to be a tap dancer. (First year)
3. Dave's fingernails are a good screwdriver. (First year)
4. Carrie's hair gets stuck in between the keys of her tenor saxophone. (First year)
5. I GETZ MEH FIRST SOLO! ='D (First year)
6. Josh: "Chinese jazz!" (First year)
7. Dave: "You can't use your GPS! You need roadmaps! Write 'asshole' around the coda or something so you remember!" (First year)
8. Tanner: "Cute...where are you? Cuuuuttteee..." Andrew: "I'm right here Benson! God!" (First year)
9. Dave: "Now, I really don't like flipping out...oh wait, yes I do. I do like flipping out sometimes." (First year)
10. Basketball games (First and second years)
11. Listening to Trey and Andrew argue if waffles or bagels are better. (First year)
12. Dave: "Alright, Moondance!" Carrie: "But it's dinner time..." (First year)
13. Dave head banging while we're playing a 70's punk rock song. (First year)
14. Rachel: "Basketball: The Musical" (First year)
15. My God, ghost notes actually do exist... (First year)
16. Using a technique that I learned in Tae Won Do a long time ago to defend myself from a flying basketball that was about to hit me in the face. (First year)
17. Megan: *After watching me deflect the basketball* "Nice block!" (First year)
18. Players from the other team: "Defense!" Josh: "Sucks." Players: "Defense!" Josh: "Sucks." Players: "Defense!" Josh: "Sucks." (First year)
19. Using "The Force" to save Dave's saxophone from falling to the floor. (First year)
20. Dave's scat singing. (First year)
21. Dave: "Do you know who Quincy Jones is?" Andrew: "You talk about him all the time." Josh: "You talk about him like he's your brother. Were you a Jones in the past life?" (First year)
22. Carrie: "Finally, we sound like a band!" (First year)
23. Hailey: *Pretending to about to shoot at Tanner with an imaginary sniper rifle* Tanner: "Don't shoot, it's my birthday!" (First year)
24. Dave: "If there wasn't a hurricane in New Orleans, then jazz music wouldn't have existed outside of New Orleans!" Me and Hailey: "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey." (First year)
25. Chris: "How did you get out of having a solo?" Me: I don't know! I think he saw all of the agony on my face and decided not to give me one." Chris: "I'll have to try that next time." (First year)
26. Dave: "Sarah and the Deatonees!" (First year)
27. Walking into Tanner's room and pulled a prank on Tanner, even Dave got involved. (First year)
28. Dave: "This right here *Holds up his score* is not music. It's a recipe!" (Second year)
29. Shad plays only one note of his improv solo then Dave stops him. Shad: "WHAT?!" (Second year)
30. Dave: "We're out of time boys and girls!" (First and second years)
31. Dave: What have we learned today?" Ariel: "That Christmas songs are the same." (Second year)
32. Dave: "Now whether it's a sax, clarinet, or duck call, what you're hearing is the reed!" (Second year)
33. Dave: "Alright everyone, start on E." Band: "E?" Dave: "Oh! I'm sorry, D, D, D, D, D as in 'Dumbass.'" (Second year)
34. Dave: "All of these last three songs are in the key of B Flat, the education key!" (Second year)
35. *A white board is pushed toward my direction as I walk in the music room* Me: "I come in and there's a whiteboard coming toward me!" Chris: "It just wants a hug." (Second year)
36. Dave: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I hate Finale 12." (Second year)
37. While we're supposed to be listening to a song, we are all arguing about over Mockingjay. (Second year)
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  • Listening to: St. Olaf Music Camp Performances
  • Reading: Assassin's Creed The Secret Crusade
  • Watching: Fate/Stay Night
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Awakening
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  • Drinking: nothing at the moment
Stolen from :iconrachele1200:

I have been doing quite a few memes lately, haven't I? XD

1. Put Your Title "My Name Is...."

2. Tag at least 3 people.

3. Do Your Name


A = You tend to blush often
B = You scream random profanities at the oddest of times
C = People describe you as "adorable," or along the lines of such
D = Stupid questions piss you off
E = You're very intelligent
F = You pretend you don't love your significant other
G = You're a bit of a clutz
H = You love anything cute
I = You're descirbed as "innocent" and "naive"
J = You described as "boring" and "plain"
K = You have a rockin' ass
L = You love cake, such so that everyone believe that you'll have a heart attack at any moment, though you remain stick thin~
M = You are not a wizard.
O = You hate cats
P = You have a hatred for anything purple
Q = You hate the letter P
R = You want to stab the letter Q because you think it needs to stop being a prissy and elegant little person/word
S = You are a VERY weak drinker
T = You love heavy metal
U = You think Metallica's new music is shit
V = You want this stupid as meme to end already
W = You are often forgetful of simple things.
X = You are an xylophone 
Y = You are afraid of peanuts
Z = You're asleep

S=Well...I don't know about that. I'm not quite of drinking age yet. o.o
E=I would hope so, I mean, I AM in college! o.o
V=Nah, I like memes (As if we don't already know that) =3
I=Yeah, pretty much. XD

I tag anyone that wants to do this ^^

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  • Listening to: Thomas Bergersen's "Illusions" album
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  • Drinking: nothing at the moment


Artist | Student | Photography
United States
I think it's time that I updated this 'about me' section. It's been way too long since I have.

First off, you may simply call me either Stevie, Oath, or Sonic.

I am a sophomore in college. Although I'm currently working on my general subjects at a community college, I would like to transfer to a four year university and be able to continue my love for music as a career. I have been involved in music ever since I blew my first note into my clarinet in 2005. I have been in band for nine years while I have only been in choir for eight. I take pride as an alto, though there are times where I wish I was a soprano so I could perform certain songs without any trouble of hitting any of the higher notes.

I am an amateur voice actress. I have been voice acting since June of 2009 and it is my dream to move down to Dallas, Texas to start voicing for FUNimation and become a professional. Currently I voice in Super Smash Bros. Brawl machinimas. You may refer to this journal to see what all I have voiced in throughout the years.…

I've become more of a bookworm throughout the years. My favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, although sometimes I like to take a break from them and read a book or two in the regular teen fiction genre. My favorite trilogy is the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater.

There isn't really much else to say about me. I'm a musician, a voice actress, and a geek, basically. I hope you enjoy what all I have to offer here on DA~

Current Residence: Small college town in Eastern Iowa
Favourite genre of music: Rock and soundtrack
Favourite style of art: Photography, literature
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Droid Razr Maxx HD
Wallpaper of choice: anime stuff
Skin of choice: purple
Favourite cartoon character: Sakura Haruno (she represents me the most)
Personal Quote: "I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can."

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